Welcome to the NLP Football Academy Training Program.

For further information on our program, please follow the link to our training brochure: Training Program Brochure

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To register your interest in joining one of our programs, please email training@nlpsports.co.uk to receive a registration form…

We offer a number of programs and pathways in sports via two avenues, FOOTBALL COACHING & FOOTBALL SCOUTING. We are seeking a number of beneficiaries across all boroughs. The program is structured for you to complete remotely and in-house locally so you would not need to come into our academy centers to take part.

Project – Trainee Football Coach / Scout Employability Program

Aim: The programs aim is to make the trainee more attractive to prospective employers in sport, predominantly football, by providing the participant with accredited training where they will receive a certificate, and practical work experience which we will arrange in football coaching and football scouting, before providing an employment reference.  

Following completion we will aim to secure a permanent position or continued work experience or training for the participant.

Program Overview: This is an entry level CPD accredited qualification which can also be held alongside conventional courses such as the FA Coaching Level 1 and 2, and FA Introduction to Scouting.

There is no minimum qualification requirement to be eligible to apply for this program and outcomes and results are delivered after a minimum of 48 hours assessment.

Requirements: All trainees backgrounds welcome and be able to commit to travelling on specified days.

Length of program: 4 weeks training and work experience, followed by a possible permanent role offer as a coach or scout, and employment reference on completion.

Pathways: Those with aspirations to become sports tutors could benefit the most from completing this program. Successful trainees can go on to become sports coaches, football coaches, or football scouts.


Remote Online Theory – Trainees will complete modules in a number of online courses up to 3 days access self paced and guided by our lead tutors.

Work Experience – Trainees will then be allocated to our partner football teams to undertake coaching to their players.

The trainees will also be placed as scouts and will assist in a role recruiting players with our lead staff for our football academies.

The work experience will run for up to 4 weeks with a minimum of 1 coaching session and 2 remote scouting sessions per week using our online portal.

Offer Of Employment- Outstanding trainees can also be offered a permanent role as football coaches or scouts, and should they wish to turn down the offer we will provide them with an employment reference which they can take forward to further opportunities along with their qualification certificates.

Criminal Record Checks: As you will be working with children, all trainees are expected to either come into the program with a recent Enhanced DBS, or will need to complete one with us prior to undertaking any practical work experience. New DBS’s can take anything from 1 week onwards.

To give you a better idea, here are some of the course we provide as part of our training programs:

NLP Coaching Course Level 1 – Provides an introduction to coaching practices at an academy level

NLP Coaching Course Level 2 – Provides further insight and training into coaching practices in different positions

NLP Coaching Course Level 3 – Provides deeper insight and training into modern day tactics

NLP Football Scouting Course Level 1 – Provides an insight into the process of scouting a player at an elite level and what it entails

NLP Football Scouting Course Level 2 – Provides a deeper insight into scouting elite level players in specific positions