Program Overview: This is an entry level CPD accredited football coaching qualification which can also be held alongside conventional courses such as the FA level 1 and 2. There is no minimum requirement to be eligible to apply for this course and outcomes and results are delivered after a minimum of 48 hours assessment.

Age groups: Each age category will be placed in separate classes

14 – 16’s (Work experience programs)

16 – 21 years

Over 21’s

Length of program: 1 day – 6 weeks (May vary)

Cost to participate: May vary

Pathways: Those with aspirations to become sports tutors could benefit the most from completing this program. Successful trainees can go on to become sports coaches, football coaches, or football scouts.


– CPD Accredited Entry Level Certificate

– Work Experience

– Employment Reference

– New DBS


Online Theory: The online theory can be completed within a few days self paced and can be completed at home on your tablet or computer. The online theory includes key material including football training exercise videos, actual games, session plans, and comprehensive questions to be answered. The theory course challenges the trainee and places them in the position of a lead coach where they will need to show they have digested and learned the information at hand through their answers. Through the online course they will also learn scouting as well as coaching through a game observation exercise and on successful completion trainees will be presented with the accredited qualification.

On Site Practical: Individuals who successfully complete the online course will be invited to our football academies for a group session along with at least 10 other trainees or a 6-week work placement. On the work placement trainees will work alongside our lead coaches coaching elite young players and being involved in day to day operations. Sessions are held midweek and on weekends and trainees are required to have a new DBS which we can provide in order to be eligible for the work placement. On successful completion trainees will be presented with an employment reference they can take forward to pursue other roles.

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Groups: Trainees will be placed into groups with a minimum of 10 other people. They will first complete the online theory in a classroom setting with our lead coaches where they will provide the group with guidance on the key materials. The classroom theory will take a minimum of 1 – 2 hours.

Once they have completed the online course, they will then go on to complete the practical for a minimum of 1 – 2 hours and produce what they have learned onto the football pitch with at least 10 other trainees. The practical will provide them with the opportunity to show and prove their ability in front of our lead coaches. On completion the trainees will be presented with a certificate which they can then take forward along with their new knowledge. Should there be any outstanding trainees they be invited for a 6 week work placement at our academies (trainees are required to have a new DBS which we can provide in order to be eligible for the work placement) working alongside our lead tutors and coaching our elite young players before receiving an employment reference.

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