Our Mission Statement is “To provide quality coaching & sports services that are beneficial to the youth and helps provide a platform for various organisations to join hands in the name of sports”


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NLP Sports In the Community’s key aims includes to increase sports participation among children and young people everywhere. In addition to making sport participation more available, we aim to educate and open more pathways for individuals to succeed be it competitively or as a tutor or coach across multiple pathways. NLP Sports provide a range of sports activities in a variety of settings, all of which are managed by coaches who have undertaken enhanced Disclosure and Barring Services (DBS) checks. Each coach is also fully qualified within their own sport.

NLP Sports was set up to encourage young people to get involved in sport by incorporating it into every day venues like extra-curricular clubs and community centres. By keeping our activities within local communities, we make sport a family affair by getting adults involved too. NLP Sports is primarily a health and sports activities provider in the community and its project leaders have years of experience in sport participation and provision, and their methods are filtered down the organisation when it comes to delivering projects to the youth and community.

The success of NLP Sports is that we can make sport fun, but we can also coach those people who are serious about their fitness. It is this flexibility that we believe is ideal for the activities we wish to introduce. We can gauge what is working and what doesn’t and tailor our offering to fit the needs of the young people who wish to join in the projects making our organisation best placed to run these projects. We would like our legacy to be in line with our values and that is to have a positive effect on young people’s lives. If a young person goes on to excel whether directly or indirectly off the back of our programs, in either participation, education or employment, we would view that as a success.

NLP Sports Community has many years of experience in delivering similar type projects including multi-sports clubs in schools and after school clubs, as well as football coaching. Our programs are short term funded by grants from various charities and partners with a similar vision to deliver quality coaching and sports education at the highest level. In order to make sport more accessible to all, our programs are usually held at various venues such as local community centers, local schools and sports halls. NLP Sports In the Community also works closely with local councils to reach individuals from inner cities and deprived local communities.

NLP Sports provide a range of relevant sports related courses and pre-employment opportunities to support further education and career pathways into various sports and teaching roles. Normally, most of our employability services are co-delivered by sports industry professionals, providing participants with much-valued insight directly from potential employers. We offer a number of programs and pathways in sports via two avenues, football coaching, and football scouting. Our programs are completely free and short term funded so there will be no cost to participants, and we are seeking a number of beneficiaries across all boroughs.
Our objectives are to facilitate and support individuals’ access to sports based, industry-led careers information and advice, skills training, coaching, mentoring, pre-employment support, work experience placements and employment opportunities. Our objectives are achieved by completing 3 simple steps:
  1. Accredited Qualifications in Football Coaching or Football Scouting
  2. Work Placements at one of our football academy centers or local partners and mentored throughout by our lead staff
  3. Permanent Role offers once participants have successfully come through the placement
This is an entry level accredited football coaching qualification which can also be held alongside conventional courses such as the FA level 1 and 2. There is no minimum qualification requirement to be eligible to apply for this program and outcomes and results are delivered after a minimum of 48 hours assessment. If you are interested in joining our program, please click the button below to complete the registration form:


NLP Sports runs funded football programs for adults, boys and girls. We would highlight the health and fitness advantages as well as the lessons that teach children and adults the skill of cooperation and life lessons about winning and losing. People can choose to take part in our football camps to Explore their interests, Develop new skills, Get hands-on experience that a classroom doesn’t offer, and meet other people with similar interests.

Adults, children and young people play an active role in delivering our projects as we involve them in the activities. We try to educate participants on the reasons why we run these activities and it is important to be active learners as well as visual learners. Our football programs helps participants grow in confidence and learn important life skills such as becoming a leader with the hope that when going into adulthood they can become a leader in their own lives and families.

We aim to plug the gap for children by offering this project which otherwise would not be offered via their school and for adults where not as accessible via local sports teams. Football is loved by millions and children and adults dream of playing for their favourite team. Football is loved for several reasons. First it is easy to play as a team, you can make a ball and posts out of literally anything. Secondly in its early days the big football teams found their support amongst working men in the large industrial centers, and most of the big teams are still based in those locations, and the love of the game has been passed down from generation to generation.

There is a school of thought that football programs are only for pupils who need to take specific classes to catch up with their course work. But many students choose to take part in special seasonal programs to:

  • Explore their interests
  • Develop new skills
  • Get Hands-On experience that a classroom doesn’t offer
  • Meet other children or adults with similar interests

NLP Sports football programs highlights the health and fitness advantages as well as the lessons that teach children the skill of cooperation and adults life lessons about winning and losing.

If you are interested in joining our football programs, please click the button below to register for a place: