Who we are

NLP Academy was formed by a group of industry experienced coaches and professional scouts who’s background stems from their work with some prestigious professional academies. The initial purpose for the academy was to serve the local community, and after 1 year it’s reach had extended to various areas including academies being started in multiple regions across London and surrounding areas. NLP academies growing reputation amongst independent and professional academies demonstrates how NLP’s business model can work in all areas with the right market knowledge. Such was the quality of the players being developed, NLP Academy has provided young players to academies from the premiership down to the national league.

NLP are a family-orientated community football academy and believe in giving young footballers the opportunity to step up and progress. Most of our players live locally and have an affinity with the area and this we believe is hugely significant in attracting local support from surrounding areas. Above all, NLP academy aim to play attractive, passing football in a manner that excites and draws interest and we are determined to show that you can get results and achieve success whilst maintaining these principles.With growth comes bigger challenges on and off the field and each year, the academy continues to rub shoulders with some illustrious academy opponents. The profile of NLP Academy continues to gather pace and you would be a welcome part of that journey.

New Football Academy Coach

If you are a self motivated, ambitious, and hardworking individual, you may be interested in running your own operation, you can apply to run a football academy under the NLP umbrella. Running a new NLP academy will allow you to benefit from Launching a football academy in your local area.

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Football Academy Scout

If you are looking to become a scout, our entry level role is great to take your first steps on the ladder to becoming a professional football scout. We will provide training support in preparation, and strategic leadership in order to assist you with how and where to recruit the most suitable players and fill the available club requests from our many contacts at professional academies. As a scout you can also work remotely using our academy recruitment portal

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